Inspyah /in-spy-yah/ is Jamaican patois for ‘inspire’. Inspyah Life is a movement to inspire people to creatively explore all aspects of life from travel, to photography, food and laughter. It’s like a ‘corner-shop’ for all things inspiration. Welcome to inspyahlife.com.

The ‘inspyration’ behind inspyah life.

When I asked my big sister how she would write inspire in Jamaican patois, she said ” ‘Inspiar’, but patois is however you want to write it!” I confirmed this ideal when I asked my mom, my other sister and four of my friends the same question. They all had their own unique orthography (inspiyah, inspiah, hinspia, hinspyah, inspya, inspaya). But at the end of the day they all meant the same thing the only difference being in how they spelt it.

That philosophy is true of life. Life is however you want to live it. But at the end of the day, life is life, the only difference is in how we live it. We all have our own inspirations. What inspyas you?

Inspyah Life.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m inspired by those who show that it can be done without stepping on others.
    I’m inspired by the Divine
    I’m inspired by Love

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