Keep Calm and Eat Mexican!

Today I had lunch at a Mexican restaurant in central London called Mestizo. The BEST Mexican food I have had here and in general.

I was sent to this place by a Mexican client after asking what her favorite restaurant was. So immediately I thought of getting burritos, after all that’s Mexican food isn’t it? She was quick to educate me that burritos were in fact TexMex and not Mexican…tacos were more Mexican. Now I know I must have heard that at some other time but until now it really didn’t register that I really hadn’t had some good authentic unadulterated, unamericanized Mexican food! And although I’ve been to nearly 30 countries I’m yet to make it to Mexico.

So I asked her for a recommendation and she suggested having the house special, Molcajete (so called by the restaurant but not really the name of the dish) which she described as a hot stone pot filled with meat, cheese and sauce. Having only recently returned to my carnivore roots after a three year hiatus, she had me at the word meat. So I jumped on the London Underground and arrived at the restaurant and ordered Molcajete Mestizo de pollo (the chicken version). While I waited I munched on a plate of fresh chips and sauce. Then to my delight out came the Molcajete sizzling and spitting in a stone tool carved out of basalt looking like a three-legged pig. This is what’s called a Molcajete and it kept the dish bubbling for as long I was eating.


To my delight chorizo (sausages) where also inside and after a quick lesson from the waiter on how to roll them (after all I wanted to make sure I was rolling it authentically too) let’s just say the meal meant for two was had by one…Best (international)¬†Mexican food I have had to date. How I ever lived without knowing about this dish I don’t know. I blame my Mexican friends for not educating me sooner ;).


As if I wasn’t full enough, I also ordered dessert after the waiters insisted. I ordered Tamales de dulces de fresas y crema para llevar (to go). Yes I was now speaking fluent Spanish after that meal! Tamales reminds me of what is call blue draws or dukunoo in Jamaica, a corn-based mix wrapped in leaf. Most people have probably had meat tamales, but this one was sweet. Perfect end to an already perfect meal!

Now I officially want a Molcajete like the one my meal was served in and a lesson on how to make this delightful meal. Perfect birthday gift (hint hint amigos). Keep Calm and Eat Mexican!


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