B-Inspired Korean Foods

Korea is a foodie’s haven… a place of refuge from mundane food. And I quickly noticed that many of the dishes I ate began with the letter B (go figure). So I’ve complied a list of 11 what I call B-inspired Korean meals, treats and snacks that I indulged in, in the homes, restaurants and streets of Korea.


This pancake-like Korean dish is made of ground mung beans, and eggs poured over green onions, kimchi and in some varieties seafood. It makes for a perfect shared midday snack. I had this at the Korean Village.

Chefs making Bindaetteok at the Korean Traditional Village in Yogin


Literally, mixed-rice… Bibimbap is a bowl of white rice, topped with your choice of namul (sauteed veggies), Korean red chili paste (gochujang) and soy sauce, which is mixed together before eating. Sliced meat and a cracked egg are also possible additions. Given the dish is customizable, its often the go to of many vegetarians visiting Korean, (since the joke is there’s no such think as a Korean vegetarian). I’ve learned a tip for vegetarians hoping to get meatless food in Korea is to ask for monk food (in Korean of course).

Airplane Bibimbap


Ok so this isn’t one dish but a plethora of small dishes. A good old fashion Korean breakfast will have many small plates of really delicious options. Sort of like having Spanish Tapas at 8 am in the morning!

Breakfast spread with Kimchi, seaweed, rice and beans, noodle broth, anchovies, crab wrap and Korean sushi rolls.

Bulgogi – BBQ Beef Patties

Bulgogi, or marinated beef, often served as strips of meat, can be had in many shapes and forms. This BBQ version is served as a beef pattie in perfect (chopstick) bite-size portions. I was told that the entire portion should be eaten in one bite and not bitten into. So open wide!

Korean BBQ Beef Patties

Bungeoppang ice-cream

Fish(bungeo)-bread(ppang) ice-cream is perhaps the best way to put this. Perhaps inspired by the fish-shaped bean filed pastry Bungeoppang also found on the streets of Seoul, a scoop of ice-cream is shoved into the open-mouth carcass of a fish-shaped waffle, topped with a cut of rich comb honey and sprinkled with green tea powder. The perfect end to a day of shopping in the markets.

Bungeoppang ice-cream in the streets of Myeong-dong


Bugs!! Silk worm larvae to be exact. If you’re ever running low on protein, these little buggers (I couldn’t help it) will boost you up! Personally, I prefer my protein from four-legged animals and their by-products.

Beondegi is a popular Korean street snack

Blueberry Froyo

But not just any blueberry frozen yogurt…this one is made of the nutrient-rich super-fruit turn fad Korean-grown blueberry, which is said to be sweeter than blueberries grown in North America. The perfect follow-up to a handful of bugs!

Fresh-pressed Blueberry frozen yogurt

Baked Goods

Overly cute mini baked treats can be found all over Seoul. But who could eat such a cute treat! No wonder Koreans stay slender.

Bubble Tea

Taro, Black tea, Chocolate, Chai are some of the popular bubble tea flavors to enjoy. And while black pearls are the most common you can swap them for coconut or other types of chewy pearls. There are steps to ordering bubble tea in Korea. 1) Pick your flavor 2) Pick your pearl  3) Pick your sugar level 4) Pick your ice level, then the brew is made, the cup is sealed and pierced with a straw and voila!

Gong-cha Bubble Tea Menu

Bagged Milkshake

I was skeptical at first when I felt how rock solid the packet (left) was. But it truly assumes a milkshake-consistency as it melts from the heat of your hands as you squeeze it. Sure you may look like a kid drinking through a spout, but who cares. There are plain, strawberry and even coffee flavored versions for those coffee lovers. The perfect accompaniment to pocky sticks #BestInventionEver…

Milkshake in a bag with pocky sticks

Bagged Snacks

Whether sweet, savory, octopus or noodle-shaped, Korean convenient stores are filled with bagged snacks to satisfy the night-time munchies. And these are not just for kids.

Honey-peanut puffed snacks